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You’ll learn

The power of branding.
How to sell without selling.
How to be the leader in your industry.
How to stand out in the sea of sameness.
How to cut through the competition and get hired.
How to attract customers effortlessly.

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Money Magnet Masterclass comes to MIAMI for the FIRST Time Ever!
Featuring star from blockbuster hit movie "The Secret” Loral Langemeier.

April 8
8:30am - 6pm

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Your Speakers

Vishal Morjaria

Award-winning author Vishal Morjaria will tell you what the others won’t: there is a genuine “Secret” to success. Whether you’re an ambitious, up-and-coming businessperson trying to stand out from the crowd, or an employee wanting to get an edge on the competition, what you need is a LONG-TERM money-making solution; a way to double your income doing what you love. Join your very own self-made tycoon and business authority!

Loral Langemeier

Loral Langemeier is a true American success story. She did not start out life with money or connections. Rather than realize her obstacles in life, she focused on her possibilities. Loral built her first a health-training business by age 17 and a business specializing in corporate wellness and human performance by age 19, paying her own way through college.

The Blockbuster Hit Movie "The Secret"
Here's a clip of Loral teaching you about the importance of mindset.

John-Leslie Brown

Recently named one of the top 40 speakers under the age of 40 in America, John-Leslie Brown knows how to deliver every time. His core original message is, “We must be more dedicated to our destinies than we are to our distractions.” John-Leslie Brown leaves his audience with more than just the necessary tools to compete and to win in a global economy—he leaves them inspired and hungry to achieve it!

Son of the legendary motivational speaker, Les Brown, John-Leslie has invaluable insight about what it takes to make a massive impact, in his upcoming new book The H.A.R.V.A.R.D. Effect.

Eric Stoller

Eric Stoller is the President of the Les Brown institute. As a speaker and trainer Eric has spoken to over 5000 groups and has trained thousands of sales people. Eric has also been in the real estate industry for over 25 years and has sold hundreds of millions of dollars and real estate. He will share with you skills and ideas to help you achive new levels of success and achievement.

Ryan Victor

Ryan Victor is Director of Victor Digital Marketing, offering bespoke business coaching to practitioners, consultants and coaches in how to market and sell high-ticket transformational packages at premium prices. Ryan designed and implemented the marketing & sales funnels for the UK's highest-paid dating coach company, and co-founded the Infinite Man Summit, a 3-day multi-speaker event covering business & entrepreneurship.

Grab My Seat

Master the art of branding yourself and your business and ensure that employers and clients actually see YOU, and no one else. This event is at no cost, and includes a special gift for you from Vishal when you attend - the Wealth For Life audio at a market value of £97/$197 at no charge!

Let Vishal and his team help YOU on your personal path to success.
Limited Seating, Arrive Early To Guarantee Your Seat.
*You may bring a guest if there are tickets and seats left available.

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